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Electrical Problems

When it comes to the electrical installations in your home, safety is crucial. Damaged appliances, excessively high bills, burnt smells from powerpoints, flickering lights, etc. are all signs that there are electrical issues you can’t afford to ignore. We at Fuseman Electrical Services are a well-established company that has been catering to residential and commercial clients for many years.

We know from experience that electrical problems, when ignored, can quickly get out of hand and create a dangerous situation. The best way to avoid the risk of shock, electrocution, or damage to your electrical appliances is to contact a reputable Sydney electrician like us for prompt and efficient electrical services.

Common Electrical Problems

Here is a look at some of the most common electrical problems that property owners have to deal with:

1. Surges Or Dips in Power- Frequent power fluctuation can occur due to damage to power lines or old and deteriorated wiring within the property. Sometimes, lightning strikes cause these problems. While a surge lasts for a fraction of a second, it can cause significant damage to electrical components, affecting their life expectancy. Faulty devices or ones made from substandard materials can cause a dip in the power supply.

2. Switches Not Functioning Correctly- Poor quality or old switches can sometimes mean that you are unable to operate appliances and devices safely. Shoddy workmanship is another reason why your switches might not be working correctly as well.

3. Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently- Sometimes, heavy-duty electrical appliances like microwaves etc. can cause circuit breakers to trip. If you have too many high wattage appliances on the same circuit that too can cause problems. Circuit breakers are designed to protect your home and family from electrical shock. However, if it is tripping too often, it indicates you might have faulty wiring or that the wattage of appliances on the systems is too high for it. Circuit overloads are a common cause of this issue.

4. Electrical shock- Even a mild electrical shock can be nasty. Sometimes, the problem could be with the wiring while at others, it could be due to the appliance.

5. High Electricity Bills- If you are paying unusually high electricity bills without any notable change in usage, electrical devices might be draining power. Sometimes, old components or damaged wiring could be the culprit while at others; switching to modern, energy-efficient lighting fixtures can solve the problem.

Hire a Licensed Sydney Electrician

No matter what kind of electrical problems you are dealing with, it’s best to hire the services of a skilled and licensed electrician in Sydney for the job. It’s never a good idea to postpone getting electrical installations inspected and problems fixed. We offer prompt, efficient, and affordable electrical services to all our clients. We also cover our work with guarantees so you can be sure that we will tackle the job correctly the first time around.

For any more information regarding our electrical services, feel free to call Fuseman Electrical Services at 1300 110 913. You can also contact us through this form, and one of our experts will contact you soon to discuss your requirements.